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Read the text and answer the question.
Hold a meeting to invite interested people in your area, and also seek the help of local environmental groups who are enthusiastic to help make such a positive idea grow into a beautiful and useful community garden.

Which option is an antonym for the word "positive"?

a) no
b) good
c) negative
d) grow

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What is the correct plural form of the word "job"?

a) jobs
b) jobes
c) jobbs
d) job’s

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What is the correct past tense word for "rob"?

a) robed
b) robbed
c) did robbed
d) robbing

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What do we call the unit of money for a specific country?

a) dollar
b) currency
c) exchange
d) coins

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Please look at the picture.
The sign on the bag in the picture is the symbol for which currency?

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a) rand
b) dollar
c) pound
d) euro

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" That’s " is a contraction. Which words are contracted?

a) that is
b) that so
c) the sign
d) that shall

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Which one of the options is a synonym for "rob"?

a) steal
b) give
c) keep
d) leave

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What does the saying, ‘It was like stealing candy from a baby" mean?

a) taking a lollipop from a baby
b) teasing a small child
c) something that is very easy
d) it is part of a game show

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A record of the issues discussed in a work meeting is called...

a) articles
b) minutes
c) procedures
d) complaints

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Fiction refers to stories that...

a) are not real
b) come from an author’s imagination
c) can be fantasy
d) all of these

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Study the picture and answer the question.
Why is the fish in the cartoon asking for clean water?

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a) there is no more unpolluted water for him to live in
b) he is thirsty
c) he wants to take a bath
d) he needs a job

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Which one of the options is not related to human activities that are bad for the environment?

a) water pollution
b) toxic waste
c) exhaust fumes
d) solar panels

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Study the picture and answer the question.
The cartoon shows a man in a polluted area with a tree on his back as an oxygen tank.
What do you think the cartoonist is warning people about?

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a) everyone will be fat in the future
b) the air will be too polluted for plants to live and produce oxygen
c) there will be more pot plants if climate change is not stopped
d) In the future, we will have to carry small trees around with us.

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Which word would you relate to a person that is described as a "ray of sunshine"?

a) happy
b) gloomy
c) rude
d) pretty

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The prefix auto- in autobiography means...

a) other
b) vehicle
c) car
d) self

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What do we call a book written by a person about his or her own life?

a) biography
b) autobiography
c) biology
d) documentary

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Is the term "tree-hugger" literal or figurative?

a) literal
b) figurative
c) Both a and b
d) Neither a nor b

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What do we call a person that does gardening?

a) soil worker
b) carpenter
c) gardener
d) tree hugger

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If you were to plant vegetables in your community garden, which of the combinations would be correct?

a) tomatoes, carrots, green beans, pumpkin
b) apples, oranges, peaches, prunes
c) carrots, peaches, watermelons, tomatoes
d) bread, tomatoes, lettuce, cheese

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Which one of these modes of transport is environmentally friendly?

a) railway
b) train
c) bus
d) bicycle

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What does the idiom, "He is down-to-earth" mean?

a) he came from space and now lives on Earth
b) he lives in a single-storey house
c) he is not pretentious and he is practical
d) he is very proud and snobbish

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Read the text and answer the question.
Find a vacant piece of land in your neighbourhood. Find out the address of the lot and whom it belongs to.
This is very important.

What does "vacant" mean?

a) filled up
b) place for a vacation
c) empty
d) dry

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What does an activist do?

a) the person is physically very active
b) a person who takes action to cause social change
c) a person who presents activities to children
d) a person that acts well

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What does "greening the environment" mean?

a) painting the environment green
b) planting more green plants
c) helping to make the environmental resources more sustainable
d) playing a trick on the environment

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Firstly listen to the audio by clicking on the audio icon.
Then answer the question.
What can ugly vacant lots be turned into?

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a) parking lots
b) paid parking lots
c) shopping malls
d) community gardens