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The Future of Education - Today!

To read up more about these services, please see each one's webpage -

Cyber Extra Lessons - http://cyberschoolgroup.com/extra-lessons/
We offer one on one and group extra lessons in all subjects for all grades.
SAT Preparation - http://cyberschoolgroup.com/sat-preparation/
Our SAT prep courses are designed to prepare students to successfully pass the SAT with good enough grades to farther their tertiary education.
Loginteacher - http://cyberschoolgroup.com/loginteacher/
Similar to our own in-house dedicated “Wikipedia” customised to grade appropriate, relevant content
Cyber School English - http://cyberschoolgroup.com/cyber-school-english/
Extra English for second language speakers,  those needing extra assistance or IELTS Cambridge English preparation
Socialising - http://cyberschoolgroup.com/social-curriculum/
Chatterbugs.net is a unique safe socialising website designed to help Home Schooling students connect both socially and in terms of finding new friends in their area.

Revolutionizing the way you learn

Option 1

Curriculum plus ongoing Online Assessments

(These help you monitor your progress)

Option 2

Cyber School On Demand

non live schooling available via audio when it suits you, day or night!

Option 3

Curriculum plus ongoing Online Assessments plus daily, structured, live virtual classroom sessions, plus all lessons in audio format combined with a full time student timetable.

In short as close to a traditional school environment as possible, except this one is virtual and can be “attended’ via the internet.