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The Future of Education - Today!

To read up more about these services, please see each one's webpage -

Cyber Extra Lessons - http://cyberschoolgroup.com/extra-lessons/
We offer one on one and group extra lessons in all subjects for all grades.
SAT Preparation - http://cyberschoolgroup.com/sat-preparation/
Our SAT prep courses are designed to prepare students to successfully pass the SAT with good enough grades to farther their tertiary education.
Loginteacher - http://cyberschoolgroup.com/loginteacher/
Similar to our own in-house dedicated “Wikipedia” customised to grade appropriate, relevant content
Cyber School English - http://cyberschoolgroup.com/cyber-school-english/
Extra English for second language speakers,  those needing extra assistance or IELTS Cambridge English preparation
Socialising - http://cyberschoolgroup.com/social-curriculum/
Chatterbugs.net is a unique safe socialising website designed to help Home Schooling students connect both socially and in terms of finding new friends in their area.

Revolutionizing the way you learn

Basic Option

Curriculum plus ongoing Online Assessments

(These help you monitor your progress)

Standard Option

Cyber School On Demand

non live schooling available via audio when it suits you, day or night!

Premium Option

Curriculum plus ongoing Online Assessments plus daily, structured, live virtual classroom sessions, plus all lessons in audio format combined with a full time student timetable.

In short as close to a traditional school environment as possible, except this one is virtual and can be “attended’ via the internet.